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Complementing the Walk, is the Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast. Hosted by Matt U’Brien; a former NSW Police Sergeant and Fire & Rescue NSW Firefighter, with an operational career of over 25 years, specialising in rescue, bomb disposal, operational support group, general duties and firefighting.

Matt converted a 1968 Franklin caravan (called ‘Dolly’) into a mobile podcast studio and is ready to hit the road to capture amazing stories by amazing people, in the lead up to, and throughout the journey.
In addition to the regular Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast episodes, We have 'special edition' episodes; 'Hot Debrief' and “I’m Cookedwith Bats:
Hot Debrief special episodes - are interviews about the challenging nature of first responder experiences, captured in the ‘Hot Debrief’/’Hot Wash’ mantra of: What worked well; What didn't go so well; and what would you do differently if you could give your 18-year-old self some advice.
"I'm Cooked” with Bats special episodes - with the Walk’s official ‘chef’; Bats. We talk all things food for the 2023 walk and go through the recipe of the day. We also talk endurance and motivational songs, to build an official playlist for the walk. Check out our Spotify playlist: HERE 

Catch the podcast episodes below, or on your favourite podcast platform; HERE

Spotify - Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast
Apple Podcast - Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast
Google Podcasts - Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast
The Podcast
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