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Matt is a former Sergeant in the NSW Police Force and Firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW. A career spanning over 25 years of front-line service, in areas including bomb disposal, operational support group and general duties, Matt specialised in rescue operations across both services. After being diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety, Matt found validation and connection by hearing other people’s stories of adversity through various podcasts, and quickly discovered a real lack of content around Australian police and first responders.

"This podcast is his attempt to get active in his own rescue and create a space for the first responder stories to bring that recognition, connection and hope for others who may find themselves on a similar path. It is also hoped that this podcast will shine a light and share the voices of our first responders with the broader community they serve so that there is a better understanding of the impacts of their service, and with the complex and challenging nature of first responder experiences.

Matt wants you to know that this is not an easy project for him to undertake and it comes with its own challenges and impacts, which his family, friends and clinical support team help him manage. It would not be possible without their support to assist with the practical elements of podcasting, as well as the psychological impacts.

Matt is grateful to all those who have and continue to support and help him on this journey."

 - Sarah U'Brien (Matt's wife)

Catch the podcast episodes on your favourite podcast platform; HERE

Spotify - Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast
Apple Podcast - Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast
Google Podcasts - Heart 2 Heart Walk Podcast
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