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Links to information resources and available support services for first responders.


Australian First Responder Foundation

The Australian First Responder Foundation, serve and honour volunteer and emergency First Responders and their families through peer support, education, and wellbeing retreats to ensure their mental health and wellbeing.


Heads Up

The Beyond Blue Police and Emergency Services Program was established to address the high rates of mental health conditions and suicide among Australian police and emergency services personnel. The Program focused on police, ambulance, fire and rescue, and state emergency services, and included current and former/retired workers, volunteers and their families. 


Emerge & See

Founded in 2021 by two medically retired NSW Police officers, through lived experience; Emerge & See supports, connects and empowers emergency service workers in NSW (and their families) who are suffering with PTSD.

Blue Hope.png

Blue Hope

A non-profit charity independent of all law enforcement agencies in Australia. Blue Hope provides support to current and former police officers around Australia including access to psychological services, peer support, education and training.



Lifeline is an independent non-profit organisation providing free crisis support services including mental health support, suicide prevention services and emotional assistance via phone, face-to-face and online. Service available 24/7.


Black Dog Institute

Offers information and facts about mental illnesses and wellbeing, online self-testing, and current evidence-based treatments.

Beyond Blue.png

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue provides a free service to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental health issues. Service available 24/7.

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Phoenix Australia

Phoenix Australia is an expert in trauma-related mental health and wellbeing. For over 25 years, we have been Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health and internationally recognised leaders in our field. We are committed to driving forward the mental health agenda both at home and abroad.

Tharwa Valley Forge.png

Tharwa Valley Forge

Tharwa Valley Forge supports first responders through running courses from novices to experts with the opportunity to experience traditional crafts and to learn new skills.

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Integra Service Dogs

Integra Service Dogs Australia works with Veterans and First Responders and their families suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by enriching lives through highly trained Labrador assistance dogs.

Anth's trauma recovery.jpg

BLOG: Anth's Trauma Recovery

Serving WA Police Detective (23 years service), PTSD and mental health advocate.
Recovery specialist


The Change Room

Health, Resilience and Wellbeing Programs.

The Change Room uniquely inspires the everyday person to elevate their wellbeing. Our well renowned mentors share evidence-informed health & wellness practices used in high-performance sports environments.

PODCAST: Zero Limits Podcast

Zero Limits Podcast is hosted by Australian Veteran Matty Morris and Co host. Throughout these podcast the boys will be speaking to high charging humans from around the world with a zero limit attitude. One of the best ways we can give our listeners motivation and the ability to complete any goal they set their mind to is through hearing zero limit stories from these hectic people!

Unforgiving 60.png

PODCAST: Unforgiving 60

Two ex-special ops guys with MBAs, seeking out people leading lives less ordinary. Co-hosts: Ben Pronk, DSC and Tim Curtis

Dr Dan Pronk.jpg

Dr Dan Pronk

Ex-Special Ops Doctor, Author, Speaker, TV Personality. Building and maintaining robust resilience. Medical response in high-threat environments. Special unit selection preparation. Transition from military, law enforcement, and first responder roles.

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