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The Heart 2 Heart Walk crew are hosting a charity auction on Day 3 of the walk at the Mount Dare Hotel.


This auction also includes an online auction to purchase of the Heart2Heart Paintings (kept as a pair):

Artist Faye Webb is a talented ‘Dauber’, who is a practicing Registered Nurse and a former NSW Police Officer. Faye’s husband Blayne is also a former NSW Police Officer. Faye was asked to create an art piece to convey the message behind the Heart2Heart logo and what it signifies.

The result is a double painting set.


Painting 1: Shows a Heart that is clouded by mess, confusion, things are unclear, there are words and thoughts that are partially recognisable, images are foggy and some even unrecognisable and the background is openly dim, grey. The only thing visible is ‘hope’ (PTSD Hitting Hard).


Painting 2: Shows that the dark and dim view is clearing, previously unrecognisable objects are emerging as Flowers, new life ! A Heart is now more visible, and the support of First Responder Comrades is represented by the dicing (nicknamed Sillitoe Tartan) across the lower half of the Heart, in the colours of various emergency services (red/green/blue/orange).  (PTSD is being treated and diminishing).


HERE is a link to the generously donated items up for auction.

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